The story of the giant dream

A giant mountain shows up behind a forest whereas the night is starry.

In a universe far far away from ours, there lives a giant dream. The dream is so big, that even the biggest dreamcatcher couldn’t catch him. And that is why only one person in the whole world does know about the giant dream. And she is keeping it a big secret.

But every night, when noone was watching, she would step into the giant dream and keep a conversation with him.

She would look around and think: Oh, maybe we need more flowers! And then she would ask the giant dream if he would be okay with that.

If the answer was yes, she ordered the most majestic wild flowers of the universes into the giant dream, and would place them naturally everywhere around her.

If her and the giant dream were happy with the results, they would keep the flowers there and let them bloom in their own time and tempo.

But if the giant dream didn’t need any more flowers, then she would visit the little dreams, and ask around there if anyone was in need.

But sometimes, if you let nature do her thing, you realize that there are also things you have to bring out of the big dream.

That’s why daily conversations have been so crucial to both, the girl and the giant dream.

If the giant dream wasn’t happy with some things that happened around him, he would talk to the little girl about them.

And the little girl listened carefully. Sometimes, it was enough to remind those things where they are. A small: Hey, remember, you are in the giant dream! would be enough to integrate them again in their world.

But sometimes, those things had a mind on their own, and even their own dreams, even though they were nightmares from time to time.

And if there was no urge to wake up from the nightmares for those things (you have to know, sometimes they do not want to have them, and they are so happy to be reminded that they are actually in the giant dream and they don’t have to be afraid), well, if they wouldn’t want to wake up from them, then sometimes it was the job of the little girl to gently send them out of the giant dream.

Therefor, she needed to sit still on a chosen place within her giant dream, and softly ask the magical spirits around her to take care of it. Because, for a little girl like her, it could be too much to take care of so many dreams at once.

And this was when the spirits came in to guide her and to take over the work, all in aligment with the biggest dream, that would lovingly include all the dreams of all the universes, and even the nightmares.

Because, the biggest dream would always know a solution for even the biggest nightmare, as it would be everything and all at once.

For the little girl instead, who was inhabitant of only a few universes at once, it was way easier to ask her spirits for help.

After they discussed the topic and the wish to remove the little nightmares out of the giant dream, those spirits would find ways to guide them out of it, and even if it took some time sometimes, the little girl could always trust in their help.

The little girl loved the giant dream. It was so strong, this love, that she could even feel and smell and touch everything within.

And sometimes, the giant dream would visit her home universe, and fill the space with his beautiful spirit.

These are the moments when
the little girl was thinking:

Am I dreaming?

And would lovingly sink into
the magic that surrounded her.

– The End –

Keywords:  Creation, Dreams, Fantasy, Nature, Nightmares, Spirituality, The big spirit, The giant dream

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