La Gomera phenomena

La Gomera on a rainy day, as the clouds touch the surface of the water in the mountains

As if god did create this island by hand, every stone, every bush, every tree and every little flower seems to be set in place perfectly. As I cross the mountains of La Gomera, greeted by rainbows and full moons, storms and waves of turquoise, I wonder if this is even real. I feel like […]

A new beginning

A photo of Laura Weider in Istanbul, shot by Maximiliane Wittek

Every beginning is also an end, they say. Who? I do not remember. So many voices, articles, thoughts, talks, chats, movies, books, memories and fantasies, that even I cannot remember what comes from where anymore. But does it really matter? Or is this sudden thought just planted into my immediate reality, to let it shine […]