A new beginning

A photo of Laura Weider in Istanbul, shot by Maximiliane Wittek

Every beginning is also an end, they say. Who? I do not remember. So many voices, articles, thoughts, talks, chats, movies, books, memories and fantasies, that even I cannot remember what comes from where anymore.

But does it really matter? Or is this sudden thought just planted into my immediate reality, to let it shine bright, to transform it, to bring it into the moment without hesitating to decide wether it can stay or not.

I love to create stories, and I love to transform systems, even though I may be stuck in them from time to time, too.

But as a designer, a composer, a writer and a coder, it is on me what to do with it. And what to share, and what to hold back until the time has come or until it just doesn’t matter anymore.

So, back to those words, every end is a new beginning. Every beginning is a new end. But, what if there are no beginnings and no ends? What if it’s just our lust of starting new things, things we’ve never done before, just to discover that they slept within us so many times and universes.

Where does intuition come from? How connected are we to all the other possibilities out there in the world? How much can we create, with the stories that we tell?

Just a few weeks ago, I was allowed to live in an oasis, with no internet but therefor amazing poeple around me, that reminded me of the joy of storytelling. Especially the kids around have been a true motor to discover and be inspired by them, to acknowledge the truth that every story told is not only an end or a beginning, but moreover a gate to all those worlds we’d like to discover and welcome here on our planet.

This blog may not only be a place to tell stories, it may also be a place of freedom for me to share what I’d love to share: Random fandom of life.

I’m happy to know if you follow around, and maybe even inspire me with your comments.

Happy to share the bliss, as well as the shadows, as we all know: Dancing with the shadow can be very fullfilling, if done in a way that serves the soul.

This blog is dedicated to my inner child, that brings sunshine into my life whenever I ask her about anything. I hope I can write some stories out of her perspective, here.

This blog is also dedicated to my real and my chosen family, especially those of them that I did invite into my life not long ago.

A big shoutout to all the wonderful people out there spinning stories filled with empathy, diversity, compassion and love.

Yours, truly,

Laura Saya Weider

Keywords:  Discovery, Every beginning is a new end, Every end is a new beginning, Fantasy, Inspiration, Joy, New Blog, Random Fandom Of Life, Storytelling, Transformation

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